Epoxy Flooring

TEC Protective Coatings, Inc. has the industrial floor coating experience to protect, restore and enhance your facility floors. Our trained floor coatings applicators can provide you a floor coating system that addresses your challenges from reducing slips and falls to protecting concrete and steel from chemical and abrasive attack.

Decorative Floor Surfacing

  • Epoxy Quartz Flooring for offices, vestibules, stores, toilet and shower rooms, schools and hospitals
  • Terrazzo-like Epoxy Marble Chip Flooring finished in clear epoxies, not requiring grinding

Heavy Duty Floor Surfacing

  • Abrasion & Impact Resistant Surfacing for aisle ways, loading docks, pallet and drum storage
  • Surfacing Resistant to Thermal Shock areas of hot water/steam wash-downs and spills
  • Breathable Surfacing for areas subject to moisture migration from below slab
  • Conductive, anti-static and static dissipating systems for solvent storage areas, other hazardous environments and sensitive areas
  • Cold temperature curing floors for freezers, cold areas and areas that require fast turnaround
  • YSDA and FDA Approved Applications

Sanitary & Antiseptic Surfacing

  • Antimicrobial coatings for floors and walls in hospitals, and pharmaceuticals, nursing homes and food plants

Monolithic Wall Surfacing

  • Smoothing, parging and block filling cement masonry walls to create cleanable, sanitary substrates for high performance surfacing
  • Sanitary coves and rounded internal corners for cleanability and sanitation
  • Fiberglas reinforced systems for mechanical abuse and crack dampening, especially in and clean rooms
  • High performance surfacing and coating for corrosion resistance, sanitation
  • USDA & FDA Approved Applications